Choosing movers based on the price only? Don’t! It’s a big mistake!

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September 15, 2020

Choosing movers based on the price only? Don’t! It’s a big mistake!

Choosing the right company while moving is very important. Especially if you want to avoid problems and stress during the move and afterwards.

Due to the lack of experience and knowledge about the transportation industry, many people only look at the price when selecting a company. The price for transportation services can vary from a very low cost to a very expensive one.

People, for understandable reasons, want to save by choosing the cheapest price, thinking that the service in all companies is the same. This is a major mistake!

Most cheap moving companies usually do not have an office and social media presence on Facebook, Google, and other client review websites. You will not be able to find any supporting information about their reputation and share your good or bad experience with others. That means that they may have a terrible reputation, and maybe only yesterday they damaged the furniture of a client and you will never know about it.

Movers of that category most likely do not have insurance and in a case of damage to your items, you will not receive compensation.

In addition, non reputable companies will continue to take orders after accepting your reservation even taking ones on the same day and time as your reservation. Then on the appointed day, they will choose the most profitable client for them and if that isn’t you, you’ll be without a service. Therefore, you will be forced to look for another company last minute and this might cost you extra. Unfortunately, we receive a high volume of calls from customers that their moving company did not show up.

That being said, you get what you pay for, and very low priced companies naturally save on everything.

Their employees will be underpaid and under qualified. Temporarily hired, non-qualified employees who by virtue of no experience will work very slowly and in many cases will cause damage to your items, and you will not be covered, due to the lack of insurance.

So choosing a moving company based only on the desire to save a few dollars will end up costing you a lot more than you could imagine and you will be lucky if all your items remain intact.

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