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September 15, 2020
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September 15, 2020

Storage Services

Déménagement Économique offers a variety of storage plans to help our clients smooth the transition when moving belongings to a new location. We provide a full range of storage services from assembling/disassembling, proper packing and handling to  storage, surveillance and installation. Our storage facility can be used to store any quantity of furniture and other belongings even for longer periods of time. We co-operate with several Montreal based malls, furniture vendors, appliance and electronics stores, business and private clients.

Storage services for private clients may be convenient in such cases as home renovations, traveling abroad, renting an apartment. Our storage facility can also be used to store old furniture, whenever new ones have been bought. Unlike some other companies, who only offer their services to large logistics oriented companies, or clients with a minimum quantity of items, Déménagement Économique offers its capacities to all kind of clients with no minimum number of items – our clients can store as little as 1 item.

We can store all sorts of items; we accept delicate items such as antiques, electronics, personal belongings, including fragile items, kitchenware, appliances, clothing, shoes, etc. To get more information on the kinds of items we can store, contact us by clicking the tab on the left-side of the screen or over the phone.

Déménagement Économique storage facility is located in a protected area and is specifically equipped for storing furniture and personal belongings. The temperature inside our warehouses is strictly controlled.

Free quote is also available, and it allows us to calculate the cost of storing our clients’ furniture and personal belongings. Our agent will come to your place at any convenient time, and will provide a detailed service price breakdown. We will also pick the most appropriate packing materials and tools to protect your belongings. Every movie that Déménagement Économique performs is based on a contract that clearly defines our obligations and responsibilities.

Contact us now to find out more information about our storage services.

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